Whats on in 2018/2019


Friday 13-15 April - Weekend at Perth with Chris Mezza, Karl-Harry Winson & Rep Ghazali-Meaney.  theme: Mediterranean Cruise


Friday 18 May - Billy Curtis in Newlands, Grangemouth


Friday 25-28 May - Weekend at Fleetwood with Thorne Hill, Richard Palmer & No Angels.  theme: In the Jungle


Fri  8 June - Darren Jones in Newlands, Grangemouth


Fri 13 July - No Angels CD Night inNewlands, Grangemouth


Sat 4 Aug - Summer Festival with Dougie (DJ), Thorne Hill & Richard Palmer in Grangemouth Town Hall


Fri 17 Aug - No Angels CD Night in Newlands, Grangemouth


Fri 7-9 Sep - Weekend at Blairgowrie with Calico & No Angels.  theme: Silly Hat Party


Sat 15 Sep - Day in Troon Concert Hall with DJ Dougie & Texas Tornados


Fri 21 Sep - Carson City in Newlands, Grangemouth


Fri 5-7 Oct - Easy Dancing Weekend at Perth with Paul Bailey & No Angels.  Theme: A Day in the Garden


Fri 19-21 Oct - Weekend at Carlisle with Cheyenne & Rep Ghazali-Meaney.  Theme: RocknRoll 50s


Fri 16 Nov - Kentucky Rain In Newlands, Grangemouth


Sat 1 Dec - Winter Festival with Dougie (DJ) and Fools Gold in Bowhouse Community Centre, Grangemouth


Fri 14 Dec - No Angels Christmas party in Newlands, Grangemouth.


Fri 4 Jan 2019 - No Angels CD Night in Newlands, Grangemouth


Fri 18 Jan - Carson City in Newlands, Grangemouth


Fri 8 Feb - Stateline in Newlands, Grangemouth


Fri 15-17 Feb - Weekend at Aberfoyle with Richard Palmer & Robert Lindsay.   Theme: Down on the Farm


Fri 1 Mar - No Angels CD Night in Newlands, Grangemouth





Newlands 8.00 pm - midnight.

Bring your own to Grangemouth and Troon in Sep - other venues have their own bar.

Acts and venues are subject to change.

Please call : Angela on 01506 510483 or Ann on 01506 825052 / 07593 543663

email : a.brodie@blueyonder.co.uk Website : www.noangelslinedance.co.uk

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